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The office can seem like a safe environment to work in but there are risks you wouldn't imagine until they happened. Accidents can occur in any moment. If they do then who will help? It is a legal requirement in an organization to ensure that your employees get immediate assistance. Every person is susceptible to illness, injury, or traumatic events. Accidents can happen at any workplace, even if it seems to be safe. There is a chance for accident to happen to you, a coworker or someone you love.

In the present, having a team of First Aid-certified personnel who can provide first aid to those of mishaps, accidents or other accidents at work is not an alternative. Studies have shown that businesses with the highest percentage of First Aid certified personnel are safer. It is therefore always good to have one with basic first aid knowledge (irrespective of industry) to deal with critical situations, to keep it from going from bad to worse, or until medical aid arrives when working.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should take into consideration CPR & First Aid Training for employees.

It can save lives.

This might seem like the most obvious reason however, it has been proven that first aid can save lives. Does anyone in your office equipped to respond to an emergency? First aid training provides your employees the confidence and ability to respond immediately to an incident an injury, accident or illness. Numerous lives have been saved by CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). It could have been done during life-threatening or critical situations, workplace injuries.

Reduce the amount of accidents at work

Workers who have completed first aid training are aware of workplace safety and less likely to sustain injuries or suffer from accidents. Reduced risk to employees and reducing workplace accidents can be beneficial to all, but for employers, it has implications within all aspects of business operations. Employees are all more aware, which can help reduce the amount of accidents.




Positive work atmosphere

Through making cpr training accessible for employees, employers are able to demonstrate to their employees that they care about offering a safe working environment. Training in first aid offered at work can be utilized as a great training for team building and a morale booster. The success of a business is dependent on its employees. Positive attitude leads to positive results. Positive morale is an indicator of a positive mindset. The wellbeing and happiness of your employees will assist to establish a solid relationship, ultimately resulting in an improved working environment. First aid training will assist in maintaining employee health and safety and will also boost wellbeing and morale.

Your workplace will be more secure

Large companies usually provide first aid training to employees. This is a great option since it makes sure that everyone is looking out for each other. If an accident occurs in the workplace, employees might be able to stop further injury to those who were injured. First aid training in the workplace promote safe practices for employees.

First aid kits are used correctly

Your employees will be aware of what items to include in a first-aid kit and how to keep it clean and how to utilize it in the event of an emergency. This will reduce time and decrease the severity of accident or illness. First aid instructors know what's in their first aid kits, how to use the contents, as well as the various ways to react in the event of an emergency. This makes them an informal health and safety supervisor.

It can reduce recovery time

Rapid reaction to injury or illness prior to the need for further assistance like an ambulance arrives It is not just the best way to save lives, but also it will speed up the time to recover for the patient. This means that the patient can return to work faster in the event that they are on staff or a member of staff.

This can help ensure that employees are safe in the outside world

A good first aid education does not only apply to the workplace. Employees will be able to apply these abilities all throughout their lives, especially in the event that they are constantly updating their knowledge. They can assist their friends, loved ones and family members in the event of an emergency.

It's a great exercise for team building.

When your employees have the chance to master an ability together which will assist them look after one another, it will bring them closer together. A lot of teams have reported increased awareness of their co-workers health and wellbeing after the first aid course.

It provides clarity and confidence for your employees in an emergency

First aid training doesn't only instruct your employees on how to assist patients in need of first aid, it also gives them confidence and helps them manage emergencies without fear and confusion or overwhelming.

The cost of a First Aid at Work Training course is not even a fraction of that of potentially saving lives.

Offering cpr training doesn't cost much however it can help in protecting your employees' health and safety. If this has given you something to think about then contact us to inquire about your organization's CPR and First Aid Training.


Accidents are bound to happen regardless of any measure of preventative procedure and care. This is why people with the right training and with the correct equipment are a huge help in ensuring better safety for everyone. An injury that is minor can turn into a serious, even fatal, injury if there is no First Aid. First Aid doesn't just help speed recovery, it can also save lives.

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