Why Physical Therapy Is So Important

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To maintain your overall health, regular exercise is one the best actions you can take. The Department of Health and Human Services states that over 80% of teenagers and adults do not have enough exercise despite the numerous benefits. To meet the recommended exercise guidelines, you don’t need to be spending hours in the gym or invest in expensive equipment. Make time for sports that you like and then begin to perform them on a regular basis. Simple things like walking your dog can help.


Your health, independence and quality of life depend on the ability of your body to move. For certain people, however, moving can be challenging due to the pain. It is among the most common reasons patients seek treatment. You should consider including a physical therapist part of your health care team if you are suffering from pain, illness or restrictions to everyday activities cause you to be uncomfortable.

What is the definition of Physical Therapy?

What are you thinking of when you hear the word "physical therapy? Most people usually associate it with an individual who has been injured. For instance those who were involved in a bad car accident or who suffered strokes might need manual therapy to heal. However, physical therapy isn't only for people suffering from injuries. Anyone can benefit from PT to improve mobility, control chronic pain, treat injuries, or prevent injury in the near future.

Physical Therapists (PT) are experts in movement who help improve patients' health and quality of life by implementing training regimens, hands-on assistance, and education. They'll assess your ability to perform the task and then review your goals and create an appropriate treatment plan that meets your needs. PTAs are physical therapist assistants who provide treatment under the direction of physical therapists. PTAs are certified to assist patients with crutches, canes , or walkers and also teach them how to move to improve the strength and mobility. PTAs and PTs are able to work in outpatient or hospital environments, as well as healthcare practices (like Community Care Physical Therapy) as well as gyms, nursing homes, and other facilities. This means that it is easy to get access to physical therapy services almost everywhere. PTs and PTAs are able to collaborate with your health care team to ensure you receive the highest quality of care.

Why should you choose physical therapy?

Substitute for surgery

The most common reason why people seek out physical therapy is to stay away from surgery. A lot of patients opt to avoid surgery because it can be costly and, in many cases, is invasive. If you're injured, or suffer from degenerative disc diseases therapeutic massage this procedure could be as effective as surgery.





Pain Management

For pain management issues physical therapy is utilized more frequently than prescribing opioids. The CDC advises health experts to recommend safer alternatives for patients. Opioids can lead to withdrawal, depression, addiction symptoms and can even lead to overdose. It can result in death. Biocharger is among the CDC's safer alternatives to assist patients in managing long-term pain since it may perform better and have fewer dangers and adverse negative effects.

Recovery and Injury Prevention

Physical therapy is also recommended for those who are recovering from injuries and who require to build their muscles. This can include anyone who has been the victim of an accident or condition that has caused mobility issues that have impacted their lives. It is also possible to use PT in a long-term basis if they are considered to be at high risk of re-injuring themselves. Individuals who participate in athletics or have physical demands can benefit from this service.

General Mobility Issues

Physical therapists can assist those who are older or have health conditions that affect their daily activities. The prevention of falls is vital since falls can result in damage or loss of independence and in extreme instances, even death. Physical therapy can address mobility concerns and improve the quality of life of a patient. Consult your primary care provider if you have mobility problems.

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